MA Program in International Relation & Cultural Diplomacy

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MA Program in International Relation & Cultural Diplomacy

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MA Program in International Relation & Cultural Diplomacy
(2 Semesters, 60 ECTS Credits;
Program Start for Summer Semester: June 2nd, 2014
Program Start for Fall Semester: October 2nd, 2014)
To apply, please click ... rm_ccds_ma

Program Curriculum

The program consists of 60 ECTS credits in total and has duration of two semesters, which take place in Berlin, Germany and Siena, Italy and a Professional Development Training Program, designed individually for each student. The first semester of the program is hosted by the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin and the second semester is hosted by the University of Siena.

The degree focuses on several academic disciplines related to International Relations, International Economics, and Global Politics, with a particular emphasis on Cultural Diplomacy and its historical and contemporary application in the public sector, private sector and civil society. The degree prepares students for careers in diverse fields, such as the field of international relations, the humanities, politics, and culture, with a special focus on cultural diplomacy institutions and the application of Cultural Diplomacy in the framework of foreign policy and international economics

The degree prepares students for careers in a number of diverse fields, such as the field of international relations, the humanities, politics, and culture, with a special focus upon the application of Cultural Diplomacy in the framework of global governance and global politics.

Dates of Next Programs for 2014
For Program Start in Spring Semester: June 2nd, 2014:
For Program Start in Fall Semester: October 2nd, 2014:

The general structure of the program is available below:
Semester 1 (30 Credits)
(Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies; Berlin, Germany)
The first semester in Berlin begins with a Preliminary Studies & Orientation component to prepare students for their academic graduate program. The main priority of the curriculum for the first semester is to provide students with a solid foundation and understanding of the history and contemporary practice of Cultural Diplomacy, as well as future applications of the field.

Mandatory Courses:
• The History and Evolution of the Field of Cultural Diplomacy
• International Case Studies of Cultural Diplomacy
• Future Trends in International Relations and Cultural Diplomacy
• Elective Courses for Semester One (two of which each student must select), include:
• Nation Branding and Unilateral Cultural Diplomacy
• Contemporary German Foreign Policy
• International Organizations
• European Politics
• Models of Cultural Diplomacy
• Soft Power, Hard Power, and Smart Power
• Cultural Diplomacy in Conflict Zones

Semester 2 (30 Credits)
(University of Siena; Siena, Italy)

Students will begin their academic studies at the University of Siena during the second semester of the program. The primary focuses of the curriculum for the second semester are the essential theories, practices, and institutions in the fields of International Relations and Global Governance. Students will attend four modular classes and will be assessed based on class participation and the completion of term papers.

Mandatory Courses:
• Negotiations and Intercultural Relations
• Theories of International Relations
• Cultural Diplomacy: Power, Influence, and Reputation
• Elective Courses for Semester Three, two of which each student must select, include:
• Idiosyncrasy and Foreign Policy Decision-Making
• Global Economic Governance
• Cultural Diplomacy and Crisis Management
• Globalization and Cultural Diplomatic Strategy
• Geo-culture: National and Regional Bran

Professional Development Training Program

The Professional Development Training Program provides students with the opportunity to apply in practice what they learn in theory in their studies. The program is of 7 weeks in duration and is to be completed after the conclusion of the first or the second semester of studies. The program may be scheduled in the period either immediately following the first semester (before the second semester) or following the second semester either in Berlin or in the location of the student's choice (however under the supervision of the student's professional advisors at the ICD).


Scholarships, equaling up to 10% deduction of tuition costs are available for students based on educational excellence and/ or financial need. Although each scholarship request will be evaluated on an individual basis, students are expected to have an above-average grade point of 4.5 (of 5.0) in order to qualify for a grant. The Financial Aid application is a two-step process; Students interested in applying for a scholarship are required to submit their initial aid application request as soon as they have formally applied to the program, completed the first step of the application, and have been accepted into the program. Scholarships are then determined for the second and 4th semesters.

Dates & Deadlines:

Summer Semester
• Program Start: June 2nd, 2014
Admissions Dates
• The deadline for admissions summer start is April 15th, 2014. Students who have submitted their applications in full by April 15th, 2014 will be eligible for an interview. Applicants will be notified of the admission committee's decision within a period of 7 days following the interview.
* Current undergraduate students (who are due to graduate in the summer of 2014 towards fall enrollments) are able to submit an application and participate in the pre-enrolment process, by submitting a confirmation of their current studies and their transcripts.
Enrollment Day
The semester will start on June 2nd, 2014 (Enrolment day) and will end on July 31st, 2014. Lectures begin on June 3rd, 2014

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