Das Gezeichnete Ich

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Das Gezeichnete Ich

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War auf einem Pet Shop Boys Konzert im Dezember und hab als Vorband Das Gezeichnete Ich gesehen. Hat mir Live auf jeden Fall schon sehr gefallen, leider hab ich noch nichts auf Cd gefunden. Hat ein bisschen was von Tocotronic finde ich.....

http://www.myvideo.de/watch/7296404.... ... luja_Video


Wie findet ihr den K√ľnstler denn?

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As for looking forward to the La Liga season why? Barca v Real is the only show in town, and even that gets boring year after year. When I came to withdraw the money years later I realized that it would be then taxed as income. That 16 year old girl is home safe in Pennsylvania.

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State Department to make sure there aren't any travel alerts or warnings for that country. That gotta create some insanity and resentment.. At games in small towns there usually some little girl who wants to be a singer. You choose your destiny. It sounds like you are taking on too much..

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Had it not been for his bad back. Ask the children whether there are any forces acting on this chair. That could happen in reality. Simple enough. I love that city. I try to make it obvious by prefacing with the fact that I don think this kid should be punished in the slightest for what he did but that the laws exists for a reason.

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