The Arts Diplomacy Festival 2012

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The Arts Diplomacy Festival 2012

Beitragvon ICD Press » Mo 27. Feb 2012, 16:02

The Arts Diplomacy Festival 2012

The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy

Daniel Sylvester

The Arts Diplomacy Festival 2012 will explore how the arts can be used to change theory into practice and express, create and improve social awareness and diplomatic relations. The arts include a variety of mediums through which emotions and culture can be expressed: music, art, literature and sports, to name only a few. The program will examine how the arts can be used within the field of cultural diplomacy to initiate intercultural dialogue and cooperation through movement, thought and active expression.

The Arts Diplomacy Festival 2012 is the brainchild of Cultural Diplomacy in Practice (CDP), a department within the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy. CDP is predicated on the ICD’s philosophy that diplomacy must transcend mere discussion and include practical implementation of theory for the reason that sometimes actions speak louder than words: Cultural diplomacy must show rather than tell.

Popular art forms have a unique ability to bring people from disparate backgrounds together by underscoring shared values. The Arts Diplomacy Festival intends to demonstrate the underutilized power of art and physical expression to further the cause of cultural diplomacy.

The program will consist of lectures, seminars, debates and panel discussions featuring leading figures from international politics, diplomacy, academia, civil society, and the private sector. The Festival will also showcase the performances of artists, musicians and performers from all over the world and include a full day of practical workshops devoted to planning for future initiatives.

The Arts Diplomacy Festival 2012: Cultural Diplomacy in Practice
Cultural diplomacy relies upon thorough dialogue between disparate nations and cultures as a tool to promote a global peace and stability; however, there remains a tendency within the field to let the development of theory overshadow the practical elements necessary for implementation. The Arts Diplomacy Festival aims to explore how the arts; particularly music, fine arts and literature, sports, gastronomy, academia, religion and politics can be utilized by and delivered to governments, businesses and universities in an active practical, informative and effective way of communication and expression.
The Cultural as Political, The Artistic Tool in National Policy, Physical Diplomacy: An Open Global Invitation, An Examination of German Cultural Expression
Music, Dance, photography, film, theatre, art, Religion, Business, urban art
ICD Press
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